What is Soapstone?


TALC:- the mineral talc in the form of flakes and fibres and hydrous magnesium silicate.;

STEATITE: – the massive compact cryptocrystalline variety of high-grade talc;

SOAPSTONE :- the massive talcose rock containing variable talc (usually 50%), soft and soapy to feel.

Soapstone that display attractive vein patterns, flecking and colors , Soapstone is made up of mineral deposits created by nature and quarried from the earth. The main mineral components in soapstone include talc, chlorite, dolomite and magnetit , The properties that give talc a wide variety of uses and markets are its extreme softness and smoothness, good lustre and sheen, giving a warm, soft feeling to the touch.

In addition it has the advantage of being relatively abundant. It can be easily mined and prepared for market. Rajasthan is the hub of talc activity in India.


Soapstone has been quarried and used throughout the world. Soapstone was traditionally used in colonial New England for fireplace hearths, sinks, countertops, and wood stoves.

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